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 Il progetto Berati è stato realizzato dal consorzio CIPA in collaborazione della città di Berati, per partecipare al bando IADSA, che ha l'obiettivo di dare contributi a soggetti Albanesi per consentire il trasferimento dei risultati ottenuti da progetti similari, attuati in Italia.
Il consorzio CIPA, grazie alla presenza ed esperienza del Manager di rete, ha proposto al Comune di Berati, una ristrutturazione funzionale dell'alveo del fiume OSUM (video) nel tratto di attraversamento urbano per realizzare infrastrutture per sport acquatici, come il rafting, e consentire a cooperative di giovani locali di avviare un'attività imprenditoriale, legata al forte richiamo turistico della zona 

Best practices to exploit peri-urban rivers for creating The Osum River Sports Park.

The city of Berat, one of the most important historic center of the Balkans, is an UNESCO site and for this reason it is one the primary center of interest for Albania too. The city is bordered by the river Osum, rich in water and coming from sources in the region of Korce in the south of Albania. Its  extraordinary course flows between high rocky walls and it is full of rapids at the mouth of the valley, flowing calmly at the feet of the city of Berat. Here, the Ousm river is crossed by the famous bridge of Gorica, construction of great historical value, but rebuilt after a river full destructive. The water is a treasure for the city that could be also enhanced by the practice of water sports such as canoeing and rafting. The urban part, if regulated, could become a magnificent basin of rowing, while the course upstream already frequented by lovers of rafting, may be equipped to attract wider audience. The project developed by CIPA will focus on the following points:

1) Identification of sites equipped along the river and the activities to be carried out for allow the development of the sport of rafting and investigate the possibility of creating a cooperative of young people who are trained to develop all service activities.

2) Creation of a survey in the urban stretch of the river to check the features and potential for a sporty water (see the Reno River, but also see the urban section of 'Arno in Florence). The program will invest the knowledge of the riverbed and riversides, checking the efficiency of the artifacts (river bridge, river banks, etc). A particular attention will cover the ancient bridges (Gorica bridge) along the riverís bed. They must be verify the conditions and overall state of conservation: also in this case we can predict the formation of young people who become skilled at monitoring artifacts river and their maintenance and enhancement over time


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